FAQ for Posada Caracol | Inns in Los Roques

What is the best time to visit Los Roques?
In Los Roques there are no well-defined seasons. However, we recommend avoiding the Carnival, August and New Year periods.

At what time of year does it rain?
In Los Roques there is no rainy season. The weather is sunny 365 days a year.

Is it mandatory to get vaccinated before traveling?
No, it is not mandatory to get vaccinated.

Is Los Roques a safe place?
Los Roques is the safest tourist destination in Venezuela. Crime is practically absent.

Is there medical care in Los Roques?
Yes, there is a public health clinic and a small pharmacy.

Are there banking agencies in Los Roques?
Yes, in Los Roques there is a banking agency to make currency exchanges and an ATM.

Do the rooms have a private bathroom?
Yes, each room has a private bathroom.

Does the inn provide guests with towels to go to the beach?
Yes, it provides them at no additional cost.

Do you offer national flights booking service?
Yes, through our office you will obtain a complete service for booking flights and other services.

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